About Us

Opus Express Couriers is a courier service that is able to provide sameday UK and nextday deliveries across Europe at short notice.

The service is a reliable, secure and most importantly bespoke.

Opus has an obligation as part of core values to communicate, this ensures peace of mind and trust in the service that we provide. We follow a simple ‘Traffic Light rule…

Bespoke - Listen

Opus is flexible & accommodating, we do not operate in a one set way we operate how the customer does! This allows us to seamlessly integrate into the operations of all of your business needs, making it a more efficient and bespoke service.

Personal - Direct Communication

A 'Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager' is provided. This helps us to know and understand how your business operates providing the best service for individual organisations.

Last Minute - Go

Opus are able to accommodate time sensitive requirements. A driver can arrive within 30 minutes if necessary. We understand that this aspect can be essential and believe this is a valuable asset in this Industry.

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